Tournament Preview Build Now Available!

Alpha Version 647 is now available for download! This build is being launched now in anticipation of a 2v2 tournament we are hosting in conjunction with our good friends at The Digital Gaming League tentatively scheduled for January 24, 2015. Be on the lookout for tournament sign-ups and prizing in the near future.

Expect a new build or two between now and the actual tournament to fix some known issues. No major gameplay changes will take place, unless something absolutely game-breaking is discovered, so please start using this version to get an edge on the competition!

Known Issues:

  • In certain situations, the game will crash between rounds. Updating video drivers has been known to fix this in many cases. Another source of a very similar issue is known and is currently being fixed. Reconnecting to the server is still possible
  • Help and Info button does not work on Main Menu. It works in game though.
  • Weapons will continue firing after the round ends if the fire button is being pressed as the current round ends
  • The system for choosing spawn points needs an overhaul
  • Some sounds need balancing and/or better attenuation

Change Log:

These are the high-points. More changes have been made than could reasonably be listed here.

  • Upgraded Unreal Engine version 4.6
  • Wall running added as new facet of the movement system
    • Press and hold Shift to engage wall running
    • A certain minimum speed (slightly slower than the regular walk speed) is necessary to activate and maintain wall running
    • Can be used in conjunction with other movement systems such as wall jumping and for great maneuverability
  • Graphics have been overhauled
    • What you see is still largely placeholder, but now everything is cleaner and (with the right settings) shinier
    • Frame rates should unaffected or even improved in some cases (use console command “stat fps” to see in-game FPS)
    • Video options now work much better
  • New Map
    • Working title is “Folding”
    • Designed for our 2v2 tournament
    • Old maps have not disappeared, but are in serious need of some development and art attention before making any new appearances
  • Updated menus and added first version of main menu music
  • Ready system. Right-click to ready and left-click to unready
  • New console commands
    • Change team with RektChangeTeam
    • Chat now works in console. Use console command Say <message>
    • Log in as a server admin with the command AdminLogin <password>
      • Password can be set in the Game.ini file for the server found in /WindowsNoEditor/Rekt46/Saved/Config/WindowsServer Using the following [/Script/ShooterGame.RektGameSession]
    • KickPlayer “Playername” “<Reason>”  – Use of quotes is necessary

As always, we hope you enjoy the improvements we have made and please do not hesitate to provide feedback to us on one of our several social media presences.


You can download this version of #rekt HERE.

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