Alpha 922 Has Arrived

The second half of 2015 was a very busy, but quiet time for #REKT development in the public eye. That is about to change because to kick off 2016 we have a brand new alpha build of the game! This build incorporates numerous changes including some new art for some old maps, a new CTF game mode (with a new map) and the unification of the Gravity Belt energy and Mana systems into one pool of energy. It can be downloaded here. Here are some more details about the changes:

After a shakeup in the art department, we are now closing in on an art style for our map environments. The easiest place to see this is the map Folding. For those of you who enjoy a more minimalist style, turn the Material Quality video setting down to low. For some added detail and depth, make sure the Material Quality is maxed out.

Minimal Low Detail (click for full-size screenshot)


So-Shiny-You-Could-Eat-Off-Of-It Max Detail (click for full-size screenshot)



For some larger scale Red Team vs Blue Team action check out the new CTF mode along with the new map called Gauntlet. Note this is still somewhat experimental so most of the map art is missing, but the separate team bases and the large open obstacle course space in between brings a whole new experience to #REKT

Guess which side is for Red and which is for Blue? (click for full-size screenshot)



These are the most obvious visible changes to the game with this release, but there have been numerous tweaks to the numbers behind the scenes. The biggest gameplay change is the unification of the energy for the Gravity Belt and the Mana used for the Wizard Powers. Now the Gravity Belt, Shield and Wizard Powers all pull from the same mana pool. Mana pickups now increase your potential maximum mana pool and mana now regenerates much more quickly. A development blog post with more details about these changes will be coming soon. In the mean time we hope you try out the latest changes and provide us with great feedback!

Our focus after this build is going to shift from major game mechanics changes to introducing more game modes and implementing some much needed quality of life enhancements like a new menu system, music and a server browser! Stay tuned and follow us on our various forms of social media to keep up to date on these changes and more.

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