SGC 2015 and New Build Coming Soon!

Hella Legit Games is proud to announce our participation in SGC 2015 at the Embassy Suites Dallas-Frisco in beautiful sunny Frisco Texas July 17-19. Drop by to see our booth and play one of the developers in the soon to be released new version of #rekt!

Speaking of a new build, this one is going to be big. We have a new map, new game modes, new art assets, new sound effects, and brand new gameplay. I have two words for everybody. Wizard. Powers. Yes you read that right. Stay tuned for this new build later in the week and for more updates regarding our presence at SGC.

Online Tournament – Huge Success

The very first 100% online tournament for #rekt was a huge success. We learned a ton about the game and proved that, even in the alpha stages, the game is compelling enough to not only attract players, but provide a big esports finish in the finals. You can watch a recording of the final match up from the DGL twitch channel below.

A big thank you to all that participated and an even bigger congratulations to the winners! Of course, our biggest thanks of all to both The DGL and Oorah Gaming. Without either of them this tournament could not have happened.