#REKT: Useful Console Commands

Useful Console Commands:

While most of these can be controlled in a more user friendly way from the options menus, many useful features of #REKT: Dawn of Beginnings and Unreal Engine 4 can be accessed through the console. To access the console, press the F12 key or the ~ (tilde) key at any point. Once the console is open, the below commands can be used:

  • open [IP Address]
    • Connects the client to a server directly by IP address. Since this is the server browser is not currently fully functional. This is the only way to connect to servers over the internet at this time
    • Example: open (example address only)
  • Suicide
    • Cause the player to respawn. This is useful in the rare case that a player gets stuck in a level or is otherwise bugged
  • Stat FPS
    • Shows information about the current frame rate in the upper right section of the screen

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