#REKT: Basic Gameplay Guide

Here you will find a very basic guide on some of the areas that #REKT: Dawn of Beginnings is different from many other games in the FPS genre. The majority of these differences can be boiled down to how the movement and pickups work.


  • Bunny Hopping
    • Many gamers are familiar with this technique seen in shooter from the last millennium. Bunny hopping is technique that is a staple of the movement in these games. In #REKT: Dawn of Beginnings it is just as useful for creating the speed and momentum necessary to outmaneuver your opponents.
    • Protip: Hold the space bar to continuously jump.
  • Wall Jumping
    • Propel yourself off of almost any vertical surface using the wall jump. Pressing the space bar when jumping next to a wall will propel the player away from that wall. Pressing a direction key (WASD) when wall-jumping also influences the direction the player flies away from the wall
  • Wall Running
    • Run along any vertical or near-vertical surface by holding a direction key (WASD by default) corresponding to the relative direction of the surface you wish to run along when in midair. The Auto Wall Run option allows you to do this without pressing the shift key. Disabling this option requires pressing the shift key to wall run, but can potentially allow for greater movement control.
    • Protip: You do not have to be looking in the direction you are wall running. Try wall running backwards!
  • Gravity Belt
    • Nullify the effects of gravity for a time to perform unbelievable maneuvers. Right-click to harness the your kinetic energy to increase the height of your jump or to soar across the arena. Try it with a rocket-jump or a bounce pad.
    • Protip: The gravity belt has a high energy activation cost. Activating the gravity belt multiple times will diminish your energy pool rapidly. Click and hold to get the highest efficiency out of the available energy.


  • Guns/Ammunition
    • In #REKT: Dawn of Beginnings you can carry all of the guns at the same time. No 2 gun limit here. All you need to do is pick up the color coded icons.
  • Health
    • Health serves the same purpose in #REKT as it does in every other game. When it is all gone, you are going to have a bad time. There are several denominations of health pickups available ranging from small ones worth 5 health to the coveted 100 point red mega-health.
    • Protip: You start at 100 health, but there is no reason why you have to stop there. Both the 5 point and 100 point health pickups will push you above your natural health level. Beware though, nothing lasts forever. Any amount of health above the 100 mark will slowly deteriorate to a mere mortal level of 100.
  • Mana
    • Used to power both your shield as well as the more exotic wizard power pickups. Mana, like health, is found across the level in multiple different sizes.
    • Protip: Mana regenerates with a delay, but your powers can consume it quickly. It can also be boosted above the standard level of 200 points. When used to power your shield it is consumed rapidly when you take damage. So choose wisely, do you want shield protection or to thwart your foes with your mighty wizard powers? 

More elaborate videos and tutorials for all of these aspects and more are planned for the future. Right now this brief guide along with a few practice matches are the best we can offer with the current state of #REKT: Dawn of Beginnings.

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