• What is #REKT: Dawn of Beginnings?

A futuristic multiplayer shooter where space wizards battle in the arena for the amusement of the one percent, #REKT: Dawn of Beginnings is the hot new arena shooter that everyone is talking about.

  • Why make another game like that? I thought that genre was dead…

We believe in making games that the members of the team here at Hella Legit Games enjoy. Emphasis is put on gameplay with depth achieved through the complex interaction of multiple simple mechanics. We sincerely hope that you will enjoy them too.

  • How does #REKT: Dawn of Beginnings play compared to other games?

#REKT: Dawn of Beginnings is a multiplayer FPS that is easy for new players to pick up and yet still a challenge for the most dedicated fans to truly master. To get an idea about how the game plays check out the Basic Gameplay Guide.

  • What state of development is #REKT: Dawn of Beginnings in right now?

The game has been in development since February 2014. As of right now it is in a playable and enjoyable albeit basic state. Many future enhancements are planned including updated graphics, sounds, maps and bug fixes where necessary.

  • What sort of engine or technology is being used to create #REKT: Dawn of Beginnings?

Unreal Engine 4 has been the leading technology behind #REKT: Dawn of Beginnings.

  • When will #REKT: Dawn of Beginnings be released?

The latest version is ready for download from our download page.

  • Why have there not been more videos and screenshots posted about #REKT: Dawn of Beginnings?

In the early stages of development, we have found it to be counterproductive to post too much information too soon about any of our projects. Releasing information too early has the potential to give the public a false impression about the content and the quality of our products as well as our intentions. Our policy is to release information only as it is appropriate and representative of our overall direction with a given product.

  • Is #REKT: Dawn of Beginnings going to be free?

All of the team members view this as a passion project. For the foreseeable future this game will be 100% free. However, we reserve all rights to change our policies regarding monetization in the future.

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