#REKT: How to Get Started

Welcome to world of #REKT: Dawn of Beginnings! This page will help you get started and provide information about the finer points of eliminating your competition. Please read all three of the pages listed below:

  1. For system requirements and instructions on how to download and install the game, please read the page on #REKT: Requirements and Installation Instructions.
  2. For information about useful console commands, please read the page on #REKT: Useful Console Commands.
  3. For information about how to play and some of the finer points of #REKT: Dawn of Beginnings gameplay, please read the page on #REKT: Basic Gameplay Guide.

If you still have any questions about #rekt, please be sure to read our FAQ. If that does not answer your question, the developers of the game will be happy to reply to you on both our twitter and page on reddit.


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